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Episode #17: Ren Faire Fun

Good Morrow or E'en, Fine Listeners! Art thou searching hither and yon for information about Renaissance Faires?

Well tarry no more!

Merideth Plimley & Cassie Chapman bring you a fair bit of faire details. From what to wear, say, do, and don't, we share all the goodly matters.

Episode 16: Convention Currency

In our second installment of our convention series, we discuss the biggest part of any convention adventure: MONEY

Whatever convention you patronize, Jennifer Chess and I share some secrets for saving money when it comes to swag, hotel, travel, etc. If just ONE person saves ONE dollar, our work here is done! :)

Ladies, Shop the Universe! the following questions: 
Are you a geek?
Are you or do you know a geek girl?
If you've answered yes to these questions, you MUST go to Her Universe.  

Founded by Ashley Eckstein (Do I even need to SAY it Star Wars fans?? The voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, of course!) and The Araca Group, Her Universe creates fan GIRL merch.

"Noticing a need for merchandise for female sci-fi fans, I founded Her Universe, a product line just for Her, starting with Star Wars and expanding to other well known franchises such as Syfy!" 
-Ashley Eckstein 

"Female sci-fi fans are growing in numbers and have largely gone unnoticed until now. Hoping to change the perception that science fiction and fantasy is not just for the boys, Her Universe, has joined forces with Lucasfilm and Syfy to create merchandise exclusively for female fans. Starting out with apparel, accessories and cosmetics, Her Universe will make fangirls "geek chic" from head to toe!"

Episode #14: Geek, Define Thyself!

Hello Geek Nation! 

Welcome to Episode 14 of the Geek Fatale podcast. In this episode, Cassie Chapman and Merideth Plimley engage in a lively discussion of labeling ourselves and/or being defined as geeks/nerds/dorks and just who qualifies for that label. As always, we have our Week in Geek, but, for this episode, we have two, count 'em TWO, musical selections all honoring the much missed Harry Potter.

Links in this 'cast: 
Rhett & Link website

Rhett & Link YouTube Channel

Harry & the Potters


Episode #11 - Sneak Attack, We're Back!

Hello, Geek Nation!

It's been a crazy time for your resident Geek Fatales, but we're back!  Nateal and Cassie are bringing you all the catching up you can handle in this full-length Week-in-Geek episode.  There's talk of comics, musical theater, and a double-musical interlude!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Links to Items Discussed on This Episode!

Kiki's Delivery Service Bento
Geek Girl's Book Club
Mousling Minis

Also, please be sure to check out the first Gamer Nation Studio's Kickstarter project: Edition Wars!